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Original Jukebox Heroes
 The Original Jukebox Heroes

A Glam Rock Supergroup who I regularly accompany on the road and photograph. They are really great fun to shoot and I enjoy seeing them play. Check 'em out!

I always use Sony Alpha cameras and lenses and can thoroughly recommend them.

Feedback Band
The Fabulous Feedback Band

The first live band I ever saw... I owe a great deal of my love for live music to this band and it was their fun and highly animated performance that really propelled my desire to become a band photographer. Well worth seeing for a great night out!


The best Thin Lizzy tribute I've ever seen. Been a fan for nearly 20 years. Go and see them if ya love Lizzy, they'll blow you away!

Dizzy Lizzy
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown

Jeff is vocalist and bass player for The Tremeloes and The Original Jukebox Heroes as well as a fantastic solo artist. Definitely my most shot subject (after my cat!) and one of the main reasons I am here doing this today, a million thanks from me wouldn't be enough!! A fantastic musician and showman, check him out!


TimBex Productions.

Unique cat themed clothing and gifts. Made for cat lovers by cat lovers.

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