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Rebecca Xibalba

Rebecca Xibalba

I was born in 1978, to a very artistic family all of whom had a love of music too so you could say it was in my DNA to become a Music Photographer.

I got my very first camera as a child, a cheap, Halina 110mm and I would chase the cats around the house trying to photograph them at every opportunity. My mother is also a keen photographer and always encouraged me to bring my camera everywhere we went.

At 18, I decided I wanted to take up photography seriously and although I still only owned a compact camera, I was determined to combine my love of photography with my love of music by sneaking it into concerts with me. Disappointed with all my photos developing into a smoke infused blank sheet, I decided I had to invest in a 'proper' camera so I bought myself a Canon EOS SLR. it was a lot harder to sneak past security at concerts but I found an ingenious way of tucking it up my sleeve under my armpit!! I started to hone my skills and the added challenge of keeping it hid from security at the front of the stage forced me to master shooting without flash to be as inconspicuous as possible, a skill that stood me in good stead for future concert photography.

I started to get a real buzz from shooting at gigs and my results were improving every shoot. Fed up with having my camera confiscated or the film brutishly ripped out, I decided to try and get myself in as an official photographer. It was really difficult to be taken seriously by band management and music publications so I decided to obtain a professional qualification and enrolled for a City and Guilds course. In the meantime, I struck lucky, a few of my shots caught the eye of some magazines and I was given the pit pass I desired so much. I had many very exciting and eye-opening years, shooting at Award ceremonies, Album launch parties and as many concerts as I could fit in! I achieved my City and Guilds qualification but it was all academic as my work was speaking for itself and no-one has ever asked to see it! 

Mission Statement

Taking a great photograph is one of the most challenging tasks ever, there are so many factors involved in getting that 'perfect' shot! Whilst trying to ensure good focus, adequate lighting, stunning depth of field and an attractive frame, the most important part for me is capturing the 'essence' of the situation. This applies massively in the case of live music photography. As a HUGE music lover, 
I cite the main reason that I go to a gig is because of the raw energy & atmosphere that can only be obtained at a live concert. That moment when the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, the visual extravaganza that will remain in your memory forever. THAT is what I try to capture within my lens, so that other people may feel some of that magic through my photographs!

I enjoy working as a photographer & I apply myself with complete dedication to the task in hand, communicating throughout with the client to ensure they get exactly what they want. My success with photography has led to further demand in the visual media industry. I have been asked to create advertising material for some of the bands I've photographed, giving me a whole new field of interest and I take great pleasure in seeing my work being used to such an extent. I've branched out into graphic design which in turn has led to Web design, culminating in a complete start to finish package which maintains continuity and portrays a strong brand!

I charge a fair price accommodating most budgets. I know how hard it is when you're starting out & I am happy to help by keeping costs low. I offer a no nonsense approach with full, unlimited usage of my photographs, a speedy turn around & most of all, Photographs that You will be proud of! I extend these ethics into my graphic design and I take a real pride in everything I create. I believe in pushing my own boundaries and continuosly strive to produce the best results I possibly can, If it has my name on it, you can rest assured it has been created with genuine feelings and a heartfelt desire to please.

I strongly believe in providing a professional service, based on honesty,

integrity & value.

This is me selling merchandise  which is designed by myself. My willing assistant here is Jeff Brown

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